Drupal Watchdog Website Relaunch

Drupal Watchdog has been on a break for a while now.

The reason is that we did not have a viable business model for the magazine and website and needed to find a new way to finance this project before continuing.

In addition, we understood from speaking with many in the community that the product needed to be relaunched in order to do a better job of serving the needs of today's Drupal industry.

We are starting by relaunching the website, which is only just getting started and is definitely a work in progress. One of our first steps will be to publish the content from the last four issues of Drupal Watchdog, which has never been made freely available online.

We hope to bring the magazine back in some form at a later date.

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If you'd like to access Drupal Watchdog content from before 2016, please refer to the old website temporarily residing here: www.drupalwatchdog.net

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Thanks for your continued support of Drupal Watchdog!

Brian Osborn