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DW2.02 Letter From The Editor

Two Years Of Drupal Watchdog

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Two Years Of Drupal Watchdog

This issue marks Drupal Watchdog’s Second Anniversary. In the spirit of celebration, we are delighted to offer you this edition in almost every possible medium: the print version, free — at DrupalCon Munich, DrupalCon Sao Paolo, or any of a variety of DrupalCamps or DrupalSummits — or purchased — at your favorite computer store, newsstand, by subscription, or online from Amazon — or the electronic version, by e-mail or downloaded from our website onto your computer screen or your favorite mobile device (courtesy of our shiny new app). More on that, below.

Whichever way you receive it, you’re holding a labor of love from the ever-growing Drupal Watchdog community: Drupal users, developers, designers, themers, and business owners — active proponents of Drupal and of the Open Source movement.

Drupal & Security

While past issues have focused on the then-brand-new release of Drupal 7, support for mobile devices, Drupal design, and theming — this issue tackles the all-important role of security.

“You will be hacked!” proclaims Károly "ChX" Négyesi, kicking off our feature articles with an exploration of what you can do to minimize risk.

Look in the mirror and ask your reflection: Are You A Gazelle Or A Bank? In his article of that title, Drupal’s security expert, Greg “he wrote the book” Knaddison helps you decide.

Securing Drupal means securing your [entire hosting] environment, explains security-expert Robert Hansen. Read and learn how.

And do not miss Angie “webchick” Byron’s in-depth preview of Drupal 8 — along with the many other great, useful articles on Drupal and security.

Drupal Watchdog App

iOS Newsstand
Our new iOS app, running on iPhones, iPads and iPods, is free and eco-friendly. It’s an important step in bringing Drupal Watchdog to a wider audience. The app is still evolving and will soon allow you to actually turn digital pages in the identical layout found in the print edition. We’re also exploring ways to provide high-quality translations to our readers for whom English is not a first language.

With the app still evolving, now is a great time to provide feedback regarding what improvements you’d like to see next. Please e-mail me with comments and suggestions:

Two More Years

Our delight in bringing you Drupal Watchdog continues unabated, but it’s up to you to make sure that happens; we survive thanks to our advertisers, subscribers, and contributors. Please visit us at to advertise; visit to subscribe; visit to write for Drupal Watchdog.
2nd Birthday Cake
Thanks for two great years; we look forward to the next (twenty)two!